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We have two fence posts installed, vertically and in parallel and so forth. Also the five panels have been partially painted. I spent much of the afternoon making the panels more smooth and paintable by removing various loose splints of wood, bark etc.

Yeah, well, what would you rather I wrote about? Doom?

Cranky Steve's Haunted Whorehouse reviews a crappy Doom map! I had to play it:) Never mind who the author is (which is the real reason they picked it out, by the way) I personally have seen worse.

Go and read this site, entitled "Sheppeyscum.com". Yes, all of it, every last page. It's hilarious.

I've written several bits in this update and deleted them because they were unnecessarily nasty, or didn't explain things well enough, and it's taken me too long to write and it sucks. I'm RjY, I'm RjY, this site is first for RjY! I wish I had something interesting to post! Damnit!