It's spring baby!

The weather was really, really nice today, as it was yesterday. I love this. I love it when the sun's out and it's warm and stuff, and it's not dark when you wake up or get in after a long day. (Not that I got in after a long day... Nope... I didn't leave the house, as usual, but it's the principle of the thing...)

Furthermore it's the switch to BST this weekend. It's also Easter. Loads of chocolate, and lighter evenings... Does it get any better?!

The third extra drum and bass show

Yeah. It's been a good day. I was in #warwick (again!) at the time and I kept typing "Oh my god this record is so good!" every five minutes or so. Sorry Matthew, got a bit sick of that didn't you...:-)


Everyone go read Andys well duff homepage. Pouring my heart out, indeed... yeah, you know it...;-)