18/12/2002 @10:44:19 ^11:22:59

Before I start I feel obliged to link to The Campaign For A Real Christmas Number One (although I can understand that merely posting a link won't in any way directly help them...)

Yesterday, you (RjY) typed...
> PS Something interesting might be about to happen, at the start of next month.

Unfortunately, rather than leaving this as a mysterious comment for a couple of days, I blew the gaff on #warwick last night, so, here's the deal: I am going to have a job interview. It's about typing stuff into computers and the advert mentioned Unix and I won't have to travel too far from my house so I figure it's worth the risk.

I'm not going to say who it is for. I don't want to then hear someone telling me "hey ive heard of them theyre really shite lolololol!" I don't want to be put off, thank you very much. Furthermore I am aware that I'm supposed to be a goodfornothing layabout with no future or prospects. This is why I'm not getting excited; after all I don't yet actually have the job. I could still very well perform miserably in the interview and end up more depressed about getting rejected than usual.