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Which programming language are you?

I'm VB. I'm stupid. I suck. (Take the test. One of the cooler ones, I reckon:-) )


Ever had a day when you felt like your body was full of lead, and all you could do - not wanted to do, but were able to do, despite your wishes - was sleep? I did, today. It's annoying because yesterday I got all sorts of stuff done.

Now there's people I get mail from. Bex. Josie. I'm talking to you. They say they'd love to just sleep all the time, like a cat. I don't agree. Quite frankly, I think you'd get bored.

However I did have the pleasure of a real proper lucid dream the other day. You know, where you realise you're dreaming and that you can do whatever the hell you like. Guess what I immediately thought? "Who can I have sex with?!"