02/07/2002 @23:09:22 ^23:37:38

MP3 soundcheck please

Announcement posted to misc@triv, aaw and mirrored at http://www.triv.org.uk/~rjy/ - you can't get too much exposure, you know...:-)


Following experiments with mp3 encoding over the past month or so, I'd now like to go public with some sound checks. anARCHy's two previous mp3 releases have been re-encoded using the new method, and uploaded to the addresses above. (Thanks once again to Rutherford for hosting my site and all this rubbish on the triv server:-) )

If you downloaded one or other of these before, or are just curious, I'd like to ask you to get these new ones and see if you think they sound any better or whatever. Oh yeah, and tell me. Personally I think they do; they sound pretty much the same coming through my stereo from my Debian box as they do coming through my stereo from my old A3010 on which the tracks are written, instead of godawfully quiet and tinny like the previous encodings did (I checked this, having found the previous files on triv.org.uk and copying them home)

Please note those addresses are only temporary, I will probably move the files around a bit if the response is any good and I get inspired to encode some stuff you haven't heard before, and when I think of a better way to organise my site, can't just keep dumping files in the stuff/ directory you know.

Many thanks in advance.