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The country has something to smile about (for a change)

England 1-0 Argentina. It should have been two or three for England but then Argentina could have scored a couple as well, you know how it is. I think England probably deserved the win, but then I would say that. But, anyway. Yay. Try to enjoy the mood of the nation while it lasts (Wednesday, or whenever the next match is:-) ) And best wishes to the Republic of Ireland for their final game against Saudi Arabia.


The way that these things work is that you post what you're thinking about at the time. You go to one of these blogging community sites like blogger.com and it's all like "post your thoughts on the web whenever the urge strikes". It so doesn't work like that for me because half the time this computer isn't even switched on and even then I can't use the connection because it's not the evening or the weekend.

...THINKS... Metablog... wasn't he ruler of the Evil Decepticons? No, that was Megatron. Oh well... What the hell was I on about? Oh yeah...

Anyway the point is when you update you're supposed to be writing about what you're thinking about. In my case, all too often this means I'm thinking about writing a a blog - you know, the HTML, the helper script update-blog, and so on. Half the updates seem to be about the site itself, you know? The word that springs to mind is "metablog". A blog about a blog. Weird. Oh well, we need abstraction. And a different way to add entries. Or something... Okay now I'm just wittering. Shut up Rob.

By the way Felix has updated his blog. On a related note I chanced upon Confessions of a Mozillian, the top couple of entries of which amusingly diss Cocoa and the whole Mac thing (top entries at time of writing, dated Thursday 6th June) okay I admit I'm stirring but looking briefly through the page it might just be that he doesn't like some guy called Blake...

Health update (see 5/6/2002 below)