03/04/2002-04/04/2002 @00:45:54 ^00:56:51

I want to do an update that's not about computers!!

See the last three or four updates have been about nothing but computers! You'd think I was obsessed, or something..!

Well, what could it be about? Sleep? Yeah, why not. I got shouted at today for being asleep too much. I suppose my mum had a fair point. Oh well. Yes, as you might expect I still haven't got my life sorted out. I received the comment:


via email today.

No, it can't be helped - computers have to be mentioned!

I'm seeing a lot of interest in update-blog, and it's not even very good, I mean, it's not anything cool, like a CGI script. Oh well.

Look, I'll stick it up here once the archive functionality is written, okay? That's on the feature list. I say, pester me about it if it's not here within two weeks (yes I know that's ages, but I work slowly, okay?)