17/12/2002 @21:31:24 ^22:20:46

Following on from yesterday, no-one's yet complained about my new darker colours for hyperlinks but I must say I wasn't aware when I wrote the piece that you were talking about your company's uber-rich chairman. Oh well everyone makes mistakes I suppose. I like the new colour scheme:)

Anyone who uses webnewsstats might notice that it hasn't updated for a while. This is because of a power outage. Other casualties include bisc, #warwick's modified InfoBot.

(that's the real #warwick, on Astrolink, not the rogue one that's recently appeared on QuakeNet. When I heard about it I thought, for some reason, of the medieval church and its rival Popes. Except that no-one really cares. Anyway I think given its use by mostly graduates the real #warwick should give up its unholy past and rename itself to #aaw)

I've just had a heart stopping moment in which I thought "Oh my god I've broken Felix's server!" when a security upgrade of MySQL packages hung. When I tried to rectify things manually the machine spontaneously rebooted itself. Oh well. It seems to be okay now, at least I hope it is.

From Doomworld: John Romero's site has been updated with, among other things, a copy of Lee Killough's Classic Doom site. I've always wanted to see this, but it had been taken down before I'd discovered much of Doom's presence on the internet. As you might imagine I'm quite pleased - it almost makes up for Romero having all his hair cut off...

PS Something interesting might be about to happen, at the start of next month.
PPS I like posting cryptic remarks. Sometimes they are explained, sometimes not. That's the fun!