14/10/2002 @21:34:06 ^02:41:38

irc.astrolink.org #warwick log, Oct 14 20:45:39 to Oct 14 20:51:01

<neoancient> you know rob, that's a very, uh, interesting blog entry from
             the weekend.
<Pete> Ah, the subject has been breached
<Pete> Yeah, Rob - what the fuck are you on'/
<RjY> i still want to know how you're going to work them out
<Pete> We're all curious
<Pete> We want some
<RjY> Ool knows why i posted a 600 by 60000 black rectangle
<Pete> Wasn't it actually 10 x 600x6000?
<Ool> I can guess, but why you chose that is beyond me.
<RjY> well, 10 600 by 6000 ones, i couldn't make a 600 by 60000 one
      without imagemagick running out of memory for some reason
<neoancient> i was thinking it might have to do with the bleak certainty
             of death, maybe.
<RjY> well, basically, i'm going mad. that's the size of it
<Pete> Is the number of pixels relevant then?
<neoancient> or the smothering onset of darkness, perhaps.
<Pete> Or the bleak certainty of death
<Pete> Oh, we've had that one
<RjY> i cant deal with my problems and i'm going insane, and ool is
      helping me by driving me away from the few places i have left to express
<RjY> so i posted an enourmous black rectangle and then unplugged my modem
      and told my mum to hide it for a week
<RjY> but that just made it worse so she gave it me back
<RjY> and here i am
<Pete> So you are
<Ool> Come back if you like. I won't do it again even if I have to
      killfile you to stop myself.
<RjY> you said you'd stop before, i've got the mail to prove it, and you
      didn't! leave me the fuck alone you're driving me fucking nuts
<RjY> along with everything else
<Ool> Actually, I said I'd stop that particular feud. I hadn't decided not
      to say anything at all, but I will now.

Stop going on at me about the black rectangle already. If you need to ask about the black rectangle you don't get it...

Oh fuck this. Basically I'm just going fucking insane, I don't know why I do or don't do stuff and this makes it worse and I don't know how to fix it.

Now bugger off