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So Debian 3.0 (Woody) has come out. Here's the Release announcement, you can follow the links from there or something, or go to Debian Planet.

This doesn't have that much relevance to my computer at this present moment. I upgraded like two and a half months ago... But nevertheless it's the BEST THING EVER(tm).

Oh yeah, Sarge is apparently the name of the next release. Potato, Woody, Sarge. Okay... finally, a funny quote, from the developers' mailing list announcement.

(If you're a suit with a business imperative to obtain reassurance in regard to the enterprise suitability of Debian -- don't read on :)

Connection time

Our phone bill came in today. Total internet connection time was 587 hours, which compared with 491 from the last one. Four more days connected. It's still nowhere near the maximum for a surftime connection over three months; that would be of the order of 1500 or 1600:-)

This type of thing always makes me laugh. I am the Internet King. I can't provide an IP router that's compatible with a token ring ethernet LAN configuration, for the purpose of upgrading a 28.8 kilobaud connection to a T1 line...


...just in case any of you idiots didn't get the reference. Um. I should go to sleep.