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Destroying boxes

You may remember from 25/3/2002 that it's just gone past being six months since I built this computer. Today, I finally got round to getting rid of the boxes it all came in; we'd kept them for ages in case returns were found to be necessary. So I had a lot of fun ripping all this cardboard up as manically as I could;-)

My new home page design for triv.org.uk, again

I finished my crappy design and stuck it somewhere (not telling you where, yet:-) ) and asked for comments. Memorable ones so far have included:

update-blog, yet again

It seems to be getting a fair amount of interest from people who want to at least see it. Well, I shall probably post it here once I'm happy with it.


It seems that if you APM-suspend your system (as opposed to powering it off completely, before you go to bed) your uptime stops increasing. Oh well, who cares about huge uptimes anyway?!

Now I've got source for the Linux kernel 2.4.18, so I might be able to use ACPI instead. Which might be good.