11/08/2002 @20:12:59 ^21:07:51

Don't shut the curtains, it's only ten past seven!

So it's getting cold and so I shut the windows, then I shut the curtains by accident, sat back down, wondered where all the light went, wondered whether to turn my lights on, then I realised it wasn't actually dark outside and the curtains really should be open.

Anyway, this is what is apparently known as "E/N bullcrap". E/N is an acronym I have seen many times on various sites, and always wondered what it meant. Today I bothered to look it up! According to this site I found using Google it means "everything/nothing" and is usually an expression of the owner's thoughts, or some such. Sounds a bit, you know, artsy fartsy, for my tastes though.

There was a point to all this, well, there were several points to this but I can't quite nail them all in one go, so instead I'll just say that the site's server has survived its recent house moving intact and one IP change later here we are again.

PS I've decided to go on an "online holiday" from all my usual places, that is aaw, its related mailing lists (no big secret, really) and #warwick on astrolink.org. I see I had become far too abusive, defensive and so on, so I've decided to take a break to calm down. The newsgroup's pretty quiet anyway, so that's no problem, and I set the lists to deliver in digest mode so once a day I can scan them for any interesting news or whatever while I'm "away". I might turn up in #warwick (especially since this is Sunday, usually the busiest day) but don't expect me to say much! Oh, and I really have put a sign up above my screen that reads "If you can't say anything nice, please don't say anything at all"! See you.