12/11/2002 @23:10:38 ^02:06:48

Small amount of progress on my Doom map. All I can say is this: texture aligning can be really annoying...


...oh gods damnation. I can't think of anything to update about. I'm on IRC again and my mind is blank for a topic. The worst thing is, I thought of something earlier and I forgot it now, damn this site sucks and it's all my fault... HOWEVER, like I said, I have a script for converting comedy log extracts into a format which is easily pastable into this HTML.

On that note here is the infamous "telepathy" incident from a few days ago. I have to post it now because my IRC log rotator will delete the file tomorrow :)

(Note: this all came out of problems with /ignore in other people's stupid Windows IRC programs)

02/11 23:13 - 02/11 23:21
         <RjY> Amy: say "zigzag"
         <Amy> no
         <Amy> why should i?
         <Amy>  HELLO TESTING 1 2 3
         <RjY> because if i tell you to say something completely random that you
               don't usually say, and you do, it means you can probably hear me
         <Amy> hehe
         <RjY> now say zigzag
         <Amy> popcorn
         <RjY> she still can't hear me can she
    <MatthewH> Oh God.
         <Amy> no, i can't
         <RjY> fucking typical
    <MatthewH> She's picking this all up telepathatically.
    <MatthewH> Spelling is a bit off there.
         <RjY> who said that?
         <Amy> yeah, i'm a mind reader
         <RjY> who said that?
    <MatthewH> What's Rob's mind like?
         <RjY> what
         <RjY> huh
         <RjY> who said that?
         <Amy> sick
 <Matt_Kimber> Hm.  Tele-pathetically.
         <Amy> i'm not pathetic though
         <RjY> omfg there's a woman in my brain
    <BabyDave> You're all insane
         <Amy> yup
 <Matt_Kimber> And proud!
         <Amy> especially rob!
    <MatthewH> Surely there are women in your brain quite often.
         <RjY> i can see your tits
    <BabyDave> Please stop this, it's painful just to read
         <Amy> boy, there's a lot of crap in this brain
         <RjY> our minds are one
    <MatthewH> Uh oh.
         <RjY> i can sense the shape of your body
         <Amy> ugh, this is painful!
         <RjY> TITS YAY!
    <MatthewH> Pull out! Pull out!
    <MatthewH> Before it's too late!
         <RjY> my god simon was right you have got a hairy muff
 <Matt_Kimber> See if you can loot some Un*x-scripting abilities.
         <Amy> ahhhh!
         <Amy> I'm trapped!
             * RjY is away: no reason specified
           --- You have been marked as being away
    <MatthewH> Soon you're personalities will merge.
         <Amy> oh fucking hell!
    <MatthewH> And I can't spell, still.
         <Amy> must be the being me
    <MatthewH> Heh.
         <Amy> i can never spell
         <Amy> arg
         <Amy> ....must....make...rude...jokes....
    <MatthewH> Ha.
         <Amy> ...must....be...centre...of...'tention...
 <Matt_Kimber> Amy's tasks: 1. Flame 2. Cheese it!
         <Amy> helphelp!
    <MatthewH> What?
         <Amy> he's taking over my brain!
         <Amy> some one kill him quickly
    <MatthewH> I'm at least half an hour away.
         <Amy> bugger
    <MatthewH> Matt, you're in REAL WORLD LOCATION CENSORED, aren't you?
 <Matt_Kimber> Almost.
         <Amy> no, he's in REAL WORLD LOCATION CENSORED
    <MatthewH> Oh, right.
         <Amy> near hte REAL WORLD LOCATION CENSORED
 <Matt_Kimber> NEarly.
 <Matt_Kimber> Halfway between the two.
    <MatthewH> Which side of the REAL WORLD LOCATION CENSORED?
         <Amy> yeah
         <Amy> and he has a car
         <Amy> your side
    <MatthewH> Thank heavens for that.
    <MatthewH> Living just on the other side would be pretty hellish.
    <BabyDave> Just so you're all aware, a (slightly edited) version of all that
               crap is about to be submitted to bash.org