09/06/2002 @22:47:53 ^23:05:34

So the site's back up. Now ordinarily I'd probably not be bothered, not think it matters if it were down for a while, but I got this in the email this afternoon: (14:27)

Distressingly I've been unable to read your website today so I hope there aren't any dodgy comments on there!


Let's write some dodgy stuff: Poo! Wee! Bum! Willy! Put your hands in my pants. Feel me throbbing baby. Let me stick it in into you. Stick it in. Pull it out! In! Out! Do the hokey cokey baby! Give it to me! Give it to me yeah! Bounce baby bounce! Feel it hard inside you baby! Bounce it! Yeah!

The time it took you to read that last paragraph is how long the next time you have sex will last.