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Congratulations to Jez and his band (I will link to your site if you say it's ready) They are apparently getting some of their tracks onto Radio 1's website. Good exposure. It's left for me to wonder how to do the same, maybe it'd help if I actually made some new tracks first, worked out how to MP3 stuff, you know...

Don't you just hate mouth ulcers? I do. I've got like 4 or 5 at the moment, one on the underside of my tongue and all the others evenly distributed around my mouth so I can't avoid painfully catching one or other of them on some part of the food I'm eating. I wish I could live on soup for a week until they clear up or something. Apparently you can bite them off but I really, really don't think that's possible, unless you've had so much painkiller that you can headbutt a wall repeatedly without feeling it.

I got a very funny letter this morning. A long time ago I'd written to apply to this company for a job they'd put in the paper. They never wrote back. Damn rude, I thought, especially since I sent them a stamped addressed envelope. Well today they wrote to me, saying that they have a new position available that my CV fits better. I don't know what to do. (I doubt I'll do anything. Why? Because it says "if you are interested, ring this number..." Bah...)

Some of my relatives stopped by the house this afternoon on their way back home. I tried to do the social thing and vaguely got away with it, probably because they didn't ask me what I am doing with my life at the moment, so I never really needed to get defensive and start shouting at people. I got to make lots and lots of cups of tea all at once again, which is always fun.