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Yeah so remember I said earlier I was hungry? I was... I had about twice as much dinner as usual. I didn't feel stuffed at all. A while later, I decided to have the lunch I hadn't had earlier. Even if I keep this up, I doubt it will make me any fatter; I'll still sound like a hollow wooden box if you tap me on the chest.

Why didn't I have lunch earlier? Given the time I got up, and not being bothered to make lunch at lunchtime, I had breakfast at lunchtime instead. Yes, it was breakfast. It was cereal. In fact it was branflakes, heaped with a quantity of sugar so great that if Homer Simpson found it on a roadside he'd steal it and try to sell it.

Potential traffic increase

At last, we've been trawled by Google. crawl3.googlebot.com, appeared in the httpd logs. Hooray! Might get some more hits now!

Another source of inspiration

No, I haven't done the final box on the form;-) Apparently another of the blogs that inspired me to do this one has reappeared. This one is a porn site as well, so no wonder it gets so many hits. Although I doubt I'll ever post pictures, I might do "link of the day"...;-)

Actually you know what? I am going to post a link. This is a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar, with a friend. The reason I'm posting this it because I want to know who the other one is. Answers to the usual address.

Drunk and Disorderly

Here's a post on AAW. I think its author is a bit pissed. What do you think?

I'm not pissed. It's Saturday night, but I'm not pissed. I made one of ROB'S HOMEMADE ALCOPOPS but that was all. I'm not drinking alone, you know. My mum's somewhere in the house.

ROB'S HOMEMADE ALCOPOPS: Put some sort of exotic-flavoured cordial in a glass e.g. pink grapefruit, tropical fruits, peach and apricot, whatever. Fill it up with cider. Delicious - but if you make it in a bottle and take it to a party, BE CAREFUL HOW YOU OPEN IT.