19/07/2002 @21:39:51 ^22:47:28

Strangely annoying server upgrades!

#warwick log from last night:

<Rutherford> Why do you want all this stuff for Apache? What's
  wrong with PHP4? It suits me...
<RjY> dpkg -s apache
<RjY> Rutherford: since when did you have php on your server?!?!?!
<Lllama> since sunday
<RjY> bah
<Rutherford> Haven't you seen http://www.triv.org.uk/uptime.php ?
<Lllama> I helped him install it ;-)
<Rutherford> It's been there for ages.
<RjY> i asked him in like february and he wouldn't put it in
<Lllama> competition mate. 
<Rutherford> No, I couldn't be arsed figuring out how to configure
  Apache to match, and then Lllama came along and told me how easy it was.

So, apparently I can use PHP here now. Of course this is a new thing. I might have learned PHP and made a better attempt at the construction of this site if it had been installed back in March (not February as it says above) when I asked Rutherford for it, but only now has he been arsed enough to put it in...

Bah!!! So it ended up with this site being controlled by some dodgy perl script that was written by an idiot. (As opposed to dodgy PHP written by an idiot, yes, shut up.)

By the way the "competition" is generously provided by Felix, who wishes it to be known that due to apparent new policies by Apple, he'll probably be moving his site to his server (with its annoyingly hard to type in address... three "l"s in a row? Hah!) His page might be the top level one in /var/www/, or it might be /home/felix/public_html/ in the same way that my horrible PHP experiment is in /home/rjy/public_html/ (If those links are broken it probably means that Felix aka Lllama has switched the server off, it's apparently very noisy and also next to his TV:-/ )

But there is another side to the coin, and probably a good reason why I shouldn't bitch too much about events four months ago. It is this. I have TWO PHP-enabled websites now, accessible by ssh logins on TWO servers running Debian Woody, on TWO different cable modems. Ain't it grand...

Another dumb "what are you?" test

Stolen blatantly from Nelis: Which Colossal Death Robot Are You? I am apparently Calibretto, of whom I have never heard, and who sounds, quite frankly, like a bit of a pussy.

Pizza is no more than cheese on toast, damnit!

And finally, for now (I've been writing this update far too long already) I was invited out for pizza last weekend, and while eating the stuff it struck me that pizza is no more than cheese on toast with a fancy name. I've told far too many people of this, but I'm telling you, now, and I want you to go away and think about it. I think it's a conspiracy. Probably the Mafia, in league with the Taliban and David Icke's lizard people.