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Dunst versus Portman (link from fubar) Requires Java. See how much more obvious you can make Kirsten Dunst's nipple.


I am angry and pissed off. It's this whole stupid "reunion" thing. That means, talk about what you've done with your lives since we were last all together. But I run that conversation through my head and big stress occurs. ("We've all got fantastic jobs because we're great! Why haven't you, Rob?") I even get offered a lift and what happens? I'm like, "watch me constantly run out of conversation during the car journey! Awkward silence! Stress!" SCREAMIN' HAIRY AB-DABS!

Also industrl.wad has been rereleased (see 6/5/2002) and I stupidly decided to play it again. It's too big, it's too stuffed with monsters, and there are bits that are IMPOSSIBLE. Six hellknights and six spectres in a dark cave not much bigger than my front room? Yeah, right! At least this time that's the only bit so far in which I've blatantly cheated.

Which reminds me, I should write something about the upcoming Doom III. Yes it looks fantastic, (esp. that guy lit by yellow - who does he remind me of?) but... does it play as well as the original? Is there going to be loads of new maps made by fans? How much hardware do you need to get it to run properly?... Damnit I don't want to think about it. For more go see Doomworld.

And finally There seems to be some misunderstanding about the encoding-of-MP3 update from a few days ago. The point is, the process works. I've no new tracks to release at the moment. (However there's no reason why I couldn't encode some of the old ones, other than my not wishing to have people tell me my music's crap, like they always do, I really don't need that, now or ever!)