"I don't care what you do when I'm not there but I probably won't react well if I have to watch you with other people"

So, remember this party I mentioned in the last update? Well, this was basically what happened. And I was right about the "probably" :-/

Cue predictable response. I just pulled my hat over my eyes... I wasn't going to make a scene and spoil the party, I mean, it's a party, it's about fun :-) However, later I thought about it and came up with three solutions:

  1. Cancel the arrangement
  2. Stop going places where I'll see something that'll upset me
  3. Find more people to do stuff with

The day after we had a chat and it was agreed that my thoughts on these options were right: we don't want to cancel it because it's great, and I can't stop going to parties etc because they're hilarious and I have my reputation to maintain :-)

We both agreed number 3 is best. But, yeah, right. Who?!?!?

A fourth option was suggested, but I didn't like it. Fun would be spoiled for others. There's also the usual method I resort to: Do nothing, and wait for the whole thing to sort itself out; by the Time Is A Great Healer axiom, this is guaranteed. Especially since it's now Easter at the university, and everyone's gone home.


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