01/04/2002-02/04/2002 @04:13:41 ^04:33:13

Well that's been an interesting day for sure!

Last night I got like one hour's sleep. I don't know why, I didn't think I'd had that much of a nap the previous afternoon! Eventually I dozed off, only to be woken by the usual round of extremely unpleasant dreams an hour later. Oh well. So you'd think I'd have been like a zombie today.

Well, you'd be wrong:-) I've basically finished my design for the web host front page; the graphics are done, just a few bits of HTML to write and validate. I'd say what it looked like but I don't want to spoil it;-)

PS As you can see I'm still playing with the exact format in which update-blog adds entries. Tell me what you think, damnit:-)

PPS Have you noticed I've done two separate updates today? Can you see now why I wanted an update time as well as a date?!?:-)

More #warwick stuff

Seem to have spent the entirety of the past week in that damned IRC channel. Oh well. It's fun;-) Tonight however seemed to be ruled by people prodding bisc into calculating love matches and nickname lameness ratings; real conversation included the usual round of yadda about computers e.g. this post about who'll maintain Linux in the future.

Oh yeah, and people on at me about getting my life sorted out, which is bound to depress me, but hey! What are friends for;-) They all laughed at my stupid CV, for one thing. Maybe I should post that ("Interests: computing, especially electronic audio sequencing") here... Nah, can't be arsed.