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After a number of enquiries about why I haven't updated this thing for so long (mainly from Sarah, although there were others) I have decided to, err, update this thing.

1. Apology


2. Resolution

I resolve not to write personal stuff about what's going on in my head any more.

It was good, having a website as a ranting ground. That way, if I'm upset about something, I can post about it, and I'm not actually whinging at anyone in particular (I think it is important not to whinge at people, unless they are concerned and ask you to do so) but it was therapeutic to type it all out of my brain and into cyberspace. Of course whether someone chooses to read it or not is not up to me, so this satisfied my principle against unprovoked whinges.

However after the latest round of spleen venting I received a number of emails, which sounded at the very least worried, and even in one case quite angry. It is not, and has never been, my intention to upset people (even though often enough I do it unintentionally:-) )

Now I'm not getting at any of you who wrote these mails (despite the fact that I haven't replied to a single one of them; I don't know how to start such a reply, without it turning into a whinge, and like I said I can't be having with whinging directly at people, who I believe don't deserve to be whinged at) I simply decided I had better rethink what I can and cannot post.

So from now on it's going to be bland pleasantries, and non-controversial crap. Hopefully just stuff I find funny. Probably on one of the following topics.

  1. Doom
  2. Computers (esp. unixy stuff)
  3. Music; the odd thing about MP3s
  4. Stuff for or about people I know (maybe)
  5. Anything else I think will be funny! (or have forgotten in this list)

3. Thanks

I'd like to publically thank Felix for setting up his (apparently really noisy) P90 box as a web server running Debian Woody, installing such cool stuff as PHP on it, and letting me play merry havoc:-) He's even let me help sysadmin it, which is great because it means I can just do stuff instead of explaining to someone else what I want to do. Many thanks for your trust, sir, I will try not to abuse it:-)

Thanks to Elliot for sending me a tape of his tracks. Completely unsolicited;-) but never mind, they're really good anyway:-)

Also, of course, continuing thanks to my current host, Rutherford.

And to everyone who sent me those mails I was on about earlier, even though I didn't reply to them. You all deserve a reply, and I fail for not providing you with this simple courtesy.

4. MP3 update

I've nuked the MP3s mentioned in the previous update, pending a re-encoding. They weren't exactly well-received, with a number of reports of "high pitched squealing of constant tone" and "muffling" and so forth. Bah. Oh well, there is a discussion in this thread on aaw.