16/12/2002 @19:50:28 ^21:12:31

Proposition: People who brag about the size of their Christmas tree are clearly compensating for something.

I don't know what is implied by bragging about how yours has 150 coloured lights wrapped around it! It's also a good opportunity to post this:

06/12 01:00 - 06/12 01:01
      * Pete strokes his 3rd leg
  <RjY> freak
  <RjY> you have three legs
      * Pete scowls at Rob
  <RjY> you should be in a menagerie
 <Pete> Yeah, I have three legs
 <Pete> One of them is only about ten inches long though
  <RjY> so you have a deformed third leg?
  <RjY> cripple
 <Pete> One could say that
 <Pete> IT doesn't have a knee either
  <Amy> just stop, now

I'm slightly surprised that as opposed to saying "freak", I didn't make a bad masturbation joke. I suppose that would have been too predictable.

Additional: People who suggest that no-one should spend more than £20 on a Christmas present deserve the same fate as the goatse guy.

If the goatse man (don't click on that) is unemployed, then maybe he too feels unable to splash out more than twenty quid on Christmas presents.

Darker links

On a whim I decided to darken the colours of visited and unvisited links. This is a change to a design decision made nearly two and a half years ago, so may take me some getting used to. I hope readers fare better; every so often I'd get a complaint. Feel free to send me any comments if you are sufficiently troubled or pleased enough by this miniscule change.

(They're still colours from the old 16-colour RISC OS desktop palette, but at the time I'd decided the darkest grey was too similar to black. However most browsers will by default underline links and change the appearance of the mouse pointer; also many sites define both colours to be the same or at least so similar it takes you six months to spot there is a difference.)