15/08/2002 @21:40:16 ^22:18:01

Sleeping pills, part two

So I bet if you read yesterday's update or were there on #warwick last night, you are wondering what, if any, success I had with the sleeping pills.

So, initial assessment. With these pills I believe I have a method by which I can put myself to sleep within half an hour of a chosen time. I think now I have to pick a time to go to sleep and stick to it, as well as set my alarm to wake me at some time in the morning, to form a habit.

PS I should point out, that's it for the moment. I can put myself to sleep on demand. Nothing else has changed. I still have no life and a list of stupid everyday stuff, as long as your arm, of which I am hopelessly scared. My mum says "one step at a time" but I don't care, it sucks. It's a shame they don't prescribe "sort out your stupid brain pills" or something.


So I thought it was about time I ran the archiving routine again to stick another past month into a different file that no-one will ever read again. It showed up a huge hole in the script, that is, it doesn't support 5am thresholds properly (that's basically my "redefine midnight as 5am" thing)

It's more than a bug, I mean it's not trying to do something and get it wrong, it's actually not doing something at all, that it is really supposed to do and I thought it did do. It's a hole. I had to manually copy entries around between the different files! I mean, what's that all about! I'm supposed to have a script for that, but it doesn't work! "Whinge whinge whinge"

So I looked at the code, and once again realised how horrible it is. And NEdit has a very funny idea of where to open new windows, I can tell you. Oh well. I suppose it's something to do, isn't it...