06/04/2002 @17:39:33 ^19:15:56

Only one box left!

Inspiration struck: I've actually managed to write something that I don't hate for one of the two remaining boxes on my DC form. First actual change for like two months..!

I'm underweight!!

So my dad comes round this afternoon and, for various reasons I won't bore you with, he brings the bathroom scales from his house. So, let's use them: turns out I'm eleven stones, four pounds, that's 158lb, or about 71kg. I was shocked! The last time I weighed myself (which was years ago, admittedly) I was twelve and a half stones! I wondered, does this mean I'm underweight?

So I looked around for a bit, I vaguely remembered there being this guideline formula involving squaring your height or something, and found this page which basically jogged my memory. You do:

(weight in kilograms)/(height in metres squared)

I'm about six foot three or four (believe it or not, I think I'm quite short, you should see my cousin...) but I got a tape measure to check, and arrived at the result of being 1.92m tall, so we get a score of, um, about nineteen and a half. The range is supposed to be twenty to twenty-five, so I am actually underweight.

Right now, I'm hungry, so let's kill two birds with one stone...