Jobseeker's Allowance

I signed off today. No reason - I haven't found work yet - I'm just utterly, utterly sick and tired of the whole shebang. I had to get out.

Now it feels like the day I dropped out of my physics degree. I will worry about having absolutely no income when I have to - I've enough savings and leftover grant cheque for the immediate future.


rndsig needs a recent version of bash, probably greater than 2.0, to run properly. If you run it on, say 1.14 or so, it'll print out a load of command [[ not found errors.

It's arguable that I should have used [ (i.e. test) instead of [[ but [[ is a lot easier to work with. Upgrade!


I just noticed Danny Chrastina has this site on the bottom of his links page so I thought I'd link to it :-) His Time wasting page is also worth a look.

I really ought to do a proper links page. But, you know.