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Death wish email

>>>>>>Underwood? hahaha! Ideal name for you because all night long you are
>>>>>>under wood! Or maybe on top of wood, or sucking wood, or taking wood
>>>>>>from behind or...
>>>>>You forgot about all day long and all afternoon long.
>>>>I feel inadequate. Does anyone else feel inadequate?
>>>Na, just you! ;)
>>Thanks hon. I'm just gonna go off and have a little cry now.
><comforting>Don't worry Rob, I feel inadequate too.</comforting>

You can't f*ck more than once in any given evening either?

>Oh bollocks, I'm not lying.
>[/me goes and cries as well. Or something]

Find some porn. It takes the pain away, at least for a while.

Actually I've hardly had a wank for about a week now. Ha, I knew I
wasn't addicted. I knew I could give it up whatever time I liked.

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