29/08/2002-30/08/2002 @00:54:34 ^01:32:38

5 years of Doom!

Well, for me anyway, the game's been around for longer, but I got my copy five years ago yesterday (I meant to write this yesterday but I forgot until after I'd switched off the computer)


So I decided to go back into mail and news circulation and while I haven't yet spammed, flamed and trolled AAW and Simon's mailing lists completely down the hole, I'm working on it. I did some counting on the version of AAW kept by Zetnet's news server (the one to which I have access) and all of a sudden I've got over twice the number of posts on it as the next nearest person so yeah (although that lead was obviously higher as I'd just finished my posting for the day, I should do a count again tomorrow night before I post anything more, actually what I should do is write a program that turns Google Groups' version of AAW into something more countable like a faked NNTP stream, I'm sure it's possible...)