23/11/2002 @13:21:57 ^14:11:21

Heh, cool, I'm still here... I thought my service'd get cut off yesterday since it was a year since I paid for the year of dialup and so on, but no. Anyway, get this: the phone rang and for once I answered it (for some reason I can always tell if it's for me) and it's some guy from NTL!

"Hello is that Mr Young blah blah busy at the moment blah blah so the earliest time we can perform the installation is Monday..."
"...the ninth of December."
WHAT?!... Oh, well... at least I know they're coming...

Okay, yes, whatever. You have probably guessed by now that I decided to go with it, to take up my mum's offer (see below) and worry about the inevitable guilt trips later. Must get income...

To that end I now have an ethernet card to plug the cable modem into (not installed yet, I was going to do that yesterday but then I decided I couldn't be bothered, I mean I've got ages to do it now) Also I downloaded a bunch of crap, like a few DHCP clients, and some stuff to do firewalling with, for when this old connection dies (but let's hope it won't at least not before I get a new one, heh) Furthermore today I got a bunch of stuff through the mail confirming all this, so it's all good. I think.

PS It seems Simon and/or Peter took up my suggestion for the aaw site archive page and at least partially implemented it; I still think it's pointless having a whole new page just for two or three links, but it's better than one broken link:)