10/06/2002-11/06/2002 @01:58:07 ^02:21:06

Apparently, in about four hours, you can have sex five times, come twice, be sucked off once and make your girl come twenty-five times.

I blasted well wish I could!!!

Doom WAD of the day: ASDOOM 2 (infotext, Review on Doom Underground) Great example of 8 not too good maps, but greatly enhanced by the supplied plot - I don't think I'd've bothered playing through it if it weren't for that certain something you get from following a plot, seeing how that plot relates to the maps you're playing, and so on. Nice. Another good example is galaxia (infotext)

PS Yes I know, I lied, I said I didn't think I had time for an update today in a couple of emails I sent tonight. But hey. As long as I don't "die the next time I see you"</end-dreadful-in-joke>