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Ooops. Look at the time. Nearly forgot to upload this update. Damn. Oh well.

Writing reports about parties

Yesterday, I went to another party. It was supposedly Graham's but, you know. It was at the same house as 23/2/2002 (see the archives) "Baby" Dave said he was expecting a report on my site (this morning, so it's late, but yeah, like I was awake...) so here you go.

Not too many people there but enough. And I think we nearly all have websites, so I should be able to do a big load of links: Graham, "Baby" Dave, Devin, Rutherford, Nelis, "Fresher" Dave, Matthew, Amy, and Vince, who doesn't have a site I can find, and a couple of guys who might have been called Steve and maybe Andrew or something, and whose site addresses I have no idea of, even if indeed they have them.

Yeah. You can see the flavour. Nearly all blokes and nearly all with websites. Hooray, a nerd party!!!:-) A surprising omission were the ModSciFi lot (is that the right address??) but we believe they all chose to spend the weekend at home, humping each other (Fair play to yer!!) but other than that it was the usual crowd:-)

Anyway, yeah, what happened at this party. Well what do you expect...

Random quizzes

Credit: I got all these from the bottom of the links page at Mouse's HQ.