31/03/2002-01/04/2002 @00:55:43 ^03:42:05

update-blog, again

Yeah, I think it's working now, at least for new entries and uploading. I haven't done archiving yet.

So, the most obvious change for readers is the addition of the times at the top. The first is the time at which the new entry was added and the second is the time that it was uploaded. I couldn't decide what should be defined as the time of an update:-)

Birthday greetings to Elliot

Not that he'll ever read this, of course!:-p

Is It Fall Yet?

I've been waiting for Channel 5 to run this feature length episode of Daria for over a year (27/1/2001 actually:-) ) It was worth it:-) Just a shame it's on Channel 5, so I have to watch it upstairs on the old black and white, can't get a picture on our proper telly...