26/11/2002 @20:56:58 ^21:41:34

In a surprising move, last night I went back to Warwick University's premiere cheese 'n' meat event, Top Banana. Fucking hell, you know how you have ideas that sound good at the time?... University hasn't changed much. However, it's still completely different. Of course, this contradiction was quickly pointed out, since many of those I know best from there are godawful pedants. So I attempted to explain, badly, how a familiar place can still feel completely hostile and alien if you repopulate it with complete strangers. Anyway, the reason I decided to go this time was that, well, I was invited, I haven't been to campus for well over a year, there was comedy potential etc etc... and most importantly I reasoned that having danced about like a fucking maniac and then walked home as fast as I could in the cold afterwards, I might actually fucking get to sleep for once.

Having arrived we went upstairs and sat in this bar thing that they'd tried to make look like a "real pub" by not painting the bricks on the walls and putting loads of stupid quotes up about how you can never have too much to drink or whatever. I smiled at the reaction to my presence and got my drinks for the evening and sat down on this horrible square thing that was more like a footstool, and sat there trying to hear a damn word anyone was saying and not get too bored, fat chance, heh... Likening chess tactics to football tactics got a laugh though (yes when I got there they were playing chess. I was thinking, was I supposed to bring my slippers and my fucking pipe or something, but because, believe it or not, I was trying not to offend anyone, instead laughed at the fact they had put up dartboards. "What, they let you throw sharp things around now? Fantastic!")

Anyway, if anyone has read this they'll be thinking, yes typical Rob, complaining and bitching about everyone, yadda yadda, so fucking predictable. In fact, the main objective was a complete success... In fact, too successful if anything, I mean, I slept well last night and I got up early like I wanted to and everything but I was so fucking tired all day that I fucking couldn't stop dozing off. Don't sit on your bed reading comics when you're sleepy, people, recipe for disaster.