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It's been really warm today, and quite humid; almost uncomfortable sometimes. It would get on my nerves, if being all hot and sweaty didn't make me so horny:-)

The football continues to be unpredictable. First the USA beat Mexico 2-0 then Belgium very nearly beat Brazil (but eventually lose 2-0) But... England v Brazil on Friday! Heavy!

It would have been quite interesting if Portugal had finished their group in second place. Why? Because then we would have had a rerun of that infamous match which caused the bored spectators to riot... Oh wait, that was just a cartoon! Oh well.

This week I have been mainly reading the Doomworld forums because they're quite funny and much better than the content of aaw recently. Honestly I post my hilarious poem and the only reply I get (so far) is the usual pedantic deconstruction of it. Ever heard of poetic licence, Peter?

Oops, I digressed... and ranted. Anyway I wish that I could post something on Doomworld but I'm too scared. The moderators seem to have a nasty habit of banning people for like very little reason at all, and even then all the regulars whale on newbies most of the time. Bah. Oh well. Reminds me of the time I took like three or four months before I felt able to post to any of the internal newsgroups at Warwick.

BBC2, having finished repeating Season 9 for the first time (that is, the second time they've shown each episode, except of course for the supposedly offensive ones like The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson and cutting out the When Buildings Collapse bit from Lisa the Simpson, (create the damn capsule already! then this link would actually work!!) they've now gone right back to Season 1. Why not go on to 10, or show 2, 3, 4 or 5 like they haven't done for ages? Damn Sky sitting on it, that's what.

Oh well at least Channel 4 have got round to Angel season 2 at last. Shame it's not synchronised properly with Buffy on BBC2. Stupid TV channels. Run by idiots, who don't care about the proper viewing of shows, just ratings and crap like that. Idiots. But I'm told I shouldn't bitch about English TV too much because it's apparently far worse in other countries. The mind boggles!

This update is too long. I bet no-one's still reading. Oh well that means I can talk about Doom and not worry that no-one cares because no-one's reading!!

Doom WADs of the day: Evil's Playground (textfile) Two maps in the Doom 1 Hell (i.e. Episode 3) style, indeed the second is a blatant tribute to E3M5, the Unholy Cathedral. These maps are surprisingly difficult compared to those by the same author. Also there's Mad Stuff In Doom (textfile) which was indeed quite funny but not as much as the author's previous Spacia (textfile)