Back up again - in more ways than one

Well I dunno what happened there but for a few days I lost my connection! Zetnet, who have taken over Cloud-Nine's business since The Hack! last month, say "we have been experiencing problems" - what problems, I wonder. Oh well, I'm here now.

It would seem that before this happened on 18/2/2002 I managed to delete my public_html directory and this site vanished. Whoops :-) I'd like to blame rsync or Debian's version of it but it's too cool, so it was entirely my fault.

Also, it seems I'm now to use Zetnet's news server instead of the old Cloud-Nine one (which wasn't theirs anyway but an alias to news.chatlink.com) Not only is it faster, it carries the rec.games.computer.doom.* groups! Hooray 8-)

P.S. It's been pointed out to me - thankyou Simon - that missing off the www from a URL is a Bad Thing(TM).

Birthday parties galore!

I've got two parties to go to this weekend! Firstly to travel down to Enfield for Bex's 22nd then back up home to Coventry for "Baby" Dave's 21st the day after. Both are being looked forward to.

I'll take this opportunity to wish Matthew (is this your site, sir?) happy birthday for next week, and me, Simon, Elliot, Sarah and a bunch of other people who I've forgotten right now, happy birthday for next month.

Quick survey

Should the img/sig.gif graphic at the bottom of the page be left-aligned with the browser window, the left edge of this table, or perhaps right-aligned? Tell me please!