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I hate camgirls, and by "hate" I mean "am extremely yearnful of, until I must hit myself with a metal ruler and say NO!" In particular it is a daily battle for me not to visit Camrecord and try to pick out the ones that take their tops off. However according to Galeon's bookmarks editor I last visited on "2002-08-31" so I'm doing pretty well (if you count having the link in your bookmarks file and on your site as "doing pretty well".)

I'm stopping taking sleeping pills today

I enjoyed writing this post if only for the phrase "feckless morons" which I like very much.

Oh gods. I'm never going to get to sleep, am I? Oh feck...

Speaking of Google Groups thanks must go to Peter Oliver who emailed a link to Google APIs to me. It's quite interesting but since I don't know anything about SOAP and WSDL or any of the other bloatware sounding crap on there... well you know the rest. Do a joke about never getting washed if you like:)

Right. If I turn the computer off now and try to stop thinking I might, just might, be able to get to sleep. I will assume you don't hate me and are wishing me luck; don't bother emailing goodwill messages though because I'm a crabby old git who hates that type of mushiness:)