24/10/2002 @23:14:25 ^01:57:24

Mostly Amusing Doom-related Stuff

OMFG. ROFL. Other well known annoying abbreviations. It will be days before I get over this one. It's about as rare as you like that my favourite game, one of my favourite web sites and people I've met in real life have any kind of intersection, but... there it is. For you see, "Kansam", one of the authors of this masterpiece, is none other than reformed Warwick newsgroup denizen Ian Morris (as people who were reading uwarwick.misc around mid-June 2000 might remember, when I posted a review of his wad Kansam's Trial (how'd you like that for a link, heh) ) The other author, as far as I can tell, is his brother. Here, you can find their amusing Doom site.

Some more stuff:

Okay the last one wasn't Doom-related. So sue me.

PS Go read the first edition of UWARWICK.UMMGH here in which I trawl the internal Warwick newsgroups for funny shite and summarise it for readers of AAW.