So people are reading this rubbish!

Look back to 4/3/2002 for a moment. Right. Got an email today which said "yes, you should update this more often, I want something to read at work"

So there's at least one person reading this rubbish :-)

Actually, I'm just reading the http logs on the web host, because I can. Sadly all the external accesses go through Simon's firewall so they all look like they come from, but there's quite a few requests, even at stupid times of the morning, like a quarter to eight! Ha ha!

More crap about my stupid arrangement :-)

It's very therapeutic, writing this sort of thing, you know. After I wrote yesterday's update and went to bed my stupid brain(*) started going off on one, and as a result I've been irritated all day. But then I wrote a load of emails to people, including my friend, and this update, and now I'm like, yeah, it's all good. Loads of comedy potential, don't see what all the fuss was about. Shut up, brain.

(*) If you remember that old Red Dwarf episode, Confidence and Paranoia or whatever it's called: well, I've got a paranoia and the damn thing never shuts up, it's like I have to hit it with a stick 24:7, you know?!? :-)