16/10/2002-17/10/2002 @02:04:28 ^02:43:04

Lllama, Inc. has this creepy skin. Felix made themes for his site and as an experiment basically stole this site design. It's pretty cool but incredibly creepy so I, well, I kind of asked him to take it down because it's just fucking weird:) However, I made him a title graphic for it which made him laugh and also it made Pete laugh so go see it before it gets nuked. You have to click on "The Realm of Lllama, Inc" in the side bar.

It is weird though. Like seeing someone else with your face. Nevertheless go give him some hits:)

Speaking of Pete he's having trouble with his web host, it's really, really slow and shit. We all hope it gets sorted out soon so we can continue to read all your Ananova links and stuff:)