13/08/2002 @22:23:45 ^23:33:46

Yesterday, I went to the park and played with myself for an hour.

No, wait, I've missed out a word there

Yesterday, I went to the park and played football with myself for an hour.

Anyway, really lame gags aside, this was an effort to try to tire myself out, and thus be able to get to sleep before sunrise. Coupled with a random visit to the pub, someone's house and a couple of long walks through the back streets I managed to get to sleep at around 2am! Result!

I pretty much slept out the entire day, didn't wake up until like 1pm and even after that I kept dozing off and having weird dreams where I was inside a Doom map I've never played before and I probably should have drawn out and made myself, if it weren't for the fact that I hate all Doom map editors. It was in parts kind of like a shopping centre, and there was this one bit where there was this guy hiding in the toilets with a grappling hook, and he fired it at me and it hooked into the skin on my ankle. There aren't any monsters with grappling hooks in Doom though, so that was weird. There was another bit outside that really did look like a Doom level, textures and everything, and actual game monsters. The shopping centre bit was full of real actual people, no monsters, in fact I think it was a twisted version of West Orchards in Coventry.

I would have done the football thing again today, but of course any form of exercise always reacts badly with me the following day; this time, I can't move my right knee very much. Oh well.

I'm still subscribed to the triv lists, but on digest mode so I get the whole load in one go. These will be saved while I'm "on holiday". I'm not so dumb as to stop listening entirely, since if something cool happens I want to know about it. Most of the time nobody tells me anything of what happens, I have to sort of eavesdrop it out of other people's conversations. I don't like not being told stuff but on the other hand I think eavesdropping is a useful skill to have, so it's swings and roundabouts really.

Anyway, enough crap. Here's some links to, um... more crap: