06/10/2002 @17:21:25 ^19:28:01

Yes I know I haven't updated for ages. Figured I'd sit there for a week staring at posting charts being created before my very eyes. Anyway yesterday I got invited to a party and I had to go because the email had

PS: Rob, you have no excuse; we all know you have nothing better to do.

on the end. Bah. It's true but that doesn't mean you had to say it. Oh well. Highlights included the usual rounds of hair plaiting nonsense, a room-spanning chain of straws, arguments about pizza toppings, Sarah being drunk on wine and giving everyone a bit too much detail about everyone else and BDave shouting "YOU'RE CRAP IN BED!" at me from the next room.

Yeah, you probably just had to be there. Anyway. Here's some stuff about webnewsstats:

Speaking of news in general here are a couple of posts. Which part of "I'm only miserable if I think about this sort of thing" don't you understand?? I thought about it for a while but decided writing a reply wouldn't be a good move. That seems to have surprisingly happened a lot lately.

Bex (whose site is currently down because Freeserve cancelled her account, however she said she's getting a new one but that's not there either) sent round a list of well-known sayings completed by 6-year-olds. Here are my favourites:

I love my host's main page. The way there's all these addresses on it that end in master. Makes the thing look like there's tons of people working on it, when in fact all those addresses alias to root which itself is an alias to Simon.

There seems to be a trend at the minute for joke Doom megawads. You make a load of really, really crappy levels, you know, random walls, misaligned textures, display errors, hundreds of cyberdemons in a room the size of the exit chamber in E1M1. Then you hype it like it's the best new Doom release ever. For example, there was the recent 1337.wad (txt) and of course Mockery, which in some kind of ultimate irony, was never, ever released. Now there's Mock 2: The Speed Of Stupid. The team page is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Staying with Doom, Cranky Steve's Haunted Whorehouse reviewed another Doom WAD, called 'arcade' (WAD, txt) This one was 30 identical levels with different collections of monsters in. I think it's meant to be taken seriously. In fact I ran through it in half an hour yesterday, only skipped a couple of the levels, and I thought it was quite fun. Oh well. Here's Doomworld's newstuff review of it when it came out just over a year ago.

Errr... that's it.