!RobSoft's 10th anniversary

I've just noticed the date. !RobSoft (see the about page) was formed exactly 10 years ago today. Okay, so it didn't last long before being replaced by anARCHy, but it's still an important date to remember. Unreliable business partner!!

Painting, and sunsets

I painted some stuff this weekend. I'm crap at painting, this is why I don't do it :-) I thought, if I could, I'd want to paint beautiful colour gradations, like in sunsets. This reminded me of this program I wrote a few years ago, that basically draws a stylised sunset by interpolating colours of adjacent lines. So I stuck the output in a PNG file, here it is: sunset.png (3Kb - it compressed really well!)

Please note this file won't hang around for ever, so view it while you can. See how it's composed of five different gradations, that don't merge together very well? That program could use work, but, y'know.