05/04/2002-06/04/2002 @03:41:53 ^04:11:40

"Two Topics Of Conversation"

Yep - another update about blah computer blah. Indeed, more crap about kernels. But all I'm going to say is I've recompiled my 2.4.18 source loads of times today, tweaking various options and stuff; I'm not going to say what I did or why, I mean, who cares?

I did however manage to hack the source for the ACPI daemon package acpid to set up log rotation using logrotate. It built. It installed. WHO RUNS T'INGS?!?:-)

Oh yeah, if you're wondering what the second conversation topic is, well, guess...

Simon's having his party like *right now*

Yeah, you remember one of the things I was stressing about travelling to? No, I never did build up enough wossname to actually go. Oh well. I wonder what I missed. With any luck the girl he likes actually turned up and stuff happened. I certainly hope it did.

Speaking of "stuff happening"

It seems everyone's getting themselves sorted out in that department right now. I mean, Elliot, another friend of mine, has just met someone who I think sounds like his absolute fantasy. The phrase "so turned on that it hurts" was used. It's all good.

It is all good. What can I say? It's springtime, new life is beginning, and blah. Everyone starts getting randy, well, more randy. Which reminds me: Sarah, hurry up and come back to Coventry!!!

(You were wondering what the second topic was...)