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Hello, Felix!

This update is especially for you! Now stop whinging when I don't write anything:-) The reason I didn't update yesterday was that update-blog was being rewritten. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that said rewrite is now complete, and functionality has been restored!

Although at the moment it doesn't do much more than it did before, but now its internal workings are such that it is possible to write the archiving code. Hence I might be able to beta-release it when I said I would (sometime next week, I don't know exactly when - let's hope for the weekend!!:-) )

Gubbins updated

Andys well duff homepage has been updated again. At last. Interesting choice of distribution, sir, given all the trouble Mr. Heywood has had with it...

Is this sexist?

Am I sexist to think that girls have a much easier time of pulling people than blokes do? Or, more precisely, is the following "sexist bollocks"?:

Girls meet more people because guys come up to them. We have to put the effort in, you get the choice. This sucks.

Or is it the case that the same effort is put in by both genders, but girls are more likely to get a positive reaction out of the man they're flirting with, because "all men are sex-mad wankers"? Tell me!