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My stupid IRC bot is being shelved for the moment

Hmm. I think it's actually too ambitious a project at this stage. I don't know enough about perl in general, yet. I'll continue to screw with other stuff instead, like update-blog, in the meantime. Don't run before you can walk.

The last of the four

...yeah, there are no more extra drum and bass shows. Oh, well. They were really good. Digital Nation were very cool, I mean, being Bad Company doing their thing live, I thought it'd be all dark heavy stuff but they had some nice chords and whatnot going there, yeah, sweet.

Found ACPI! (see the last update, "Linux Boxes")

You have to enable CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL a.k.a. "Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers". I found this eventually, by looking in arch/i386/config.in. This was after I went and used Simon's fast connection to download source for 2.4.16-18, and see if you got the option in make menuconfig there. I think this is a bit of a documentation omission, really...

As for CONFIG_PPP_FILTER it's a similar thing, you have to set CONFIG_FILTER as well. It needed lots of hunting round the kernel-source-2.4.18 archive, using grep.

Seems the only reason I wrote this was to get as many <tt></tt> pairs into one paragraph;-)

Apologies to all on #warwick this evening

...But please stop telling me to sort my life out and get the form sent and have job interviews and stuff. It only depresses me, because it causes my brain to whinge, and I don't like whinging directly at people. This is what I have this page for, I can say stuff and no-one has to listen. I don't think I have the right to whinge at people to whom I'm talking. Whatever I'm on about, it's not their problem, why should they have to listen to it?

Isn't it typical... I was in a good mood this evening, until this happened... I'd got some funny email, lots to reply to... and they've started repeating season 2 of Buffy... I mean, it was all good, up until then, you know... I replied really harshly to some mail from a couple of people (you undoubtably know who you are), I'm so sorry...