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Yes I am still here. Not that anyone asked:-)

The "I've got a brand new web browser" update

(it's not every day you want to surf the web, just to use the browser...)

A couple of days ago I made the necessary precautions and installed Galeon. This is a browser that sits on top of GNOME and uses Mozilla's engine to render pages, so you get the good bits of both, sort of thing.

So. Is it any good? Well, once it's set up and you've got it running, it's fantastic. Especially if like me you're treating it as an upgrade from Netscape 4. It really highlights the latter's dreadful CSS support and rendering capability in general.

That's if you can get it running. After installation it ran once, and I spent a while going through its preferences box (tabs! no popups! it will run mutt when you click on a mailto: link! WOOHOO!) But after this, I found that the first time I ran it, it segfaulted, and the second time it forgot half the setup.

But in this short time, I'd been so won over by its rendering that I knew I couldn't go back to NS4, so what to do? I did what I usually do, I put it off. (Hence the gap since the last update - I never even switched this computer on, I used the others instead...)

But here we are two days after the install. It's been run, quit, and run again today, and has worked flawlessly, no segfaults or configuration amnesia, nothing. Touch wood that nothing goes wrong again but... how can I put it best?... "this went very well...after some initial technical difficulties":-)

Planet of the Imps is back! (and other linkage)

Yeah, after a couple of weeks of downtime, the hilarious cartoon strip based on characters from Doom "Planet of the Imps" is back up. This news, from Doomworld, made me do a couple of laps of my room going "yeahyayyeah!", if you can imagine such a thing:-)

And some other random links: