Don't forget to put your clocks forward!

Remember: the change - forward (tonight) or backward (October) - always happens at 1am GMT. So, at 1am, on the last Sunday in March, the clocks go forward. At 2am, on the last Sunday in October, you put your clocks back to 1am. See?

My Debian box changed itself automatically, I didn't even notice, I saw the clock on the button bar, and I was like "that's a bit late, er... Oh, my god..."! My RISC OS boxes will do the same, thanks to a bit of code I wrote a few years ago. I really should publish that, because it does cool stuff like logging system uptime as well. Oh well:-)


I am currently working on update-blog, a script that does blog maintenance. I hope it will add space for an entry, upload the site to triv.org.uk, and maybe even handle archiving. I've decided to write it in Perl, hence there will be the benefit that after doing this I can say I can write Perl;-)

View the source of this page. See all those cutesy <!-- BLOG <COMMAND> --> lines..? Amazingly they don't break the HTML validator!! Hooray!!

I can post whatever the hells I like;-)

...as long as it's my original thoughts, and not what people have said to me in confidence.

So what the hells am I on about here? Well, this afternoon I on the phone with Sarah for ages. Apparently, I'm not blunt enough. Anyone know how to be more blunt? Maybe I should swear more often:-)

I don't think that's it though, I think it's that I'm just not that confrontational. I'd rather spout bland pleasantries and smile and act like everything's okay, rather than actually offend or upset. Yes, I know sometimes I carry on like I'm trying to gross out the entire room, but that's just comedy value - and as many of you know, I think that if people are laughing, I must be doing something right.

But, I dunno, she's like "well stop it and just bloody well tell me what you're thinking!" But I am telling you what I'm thinking at that moment, because years of not being able to upset people to whom I'm talking have got my brain to the point of not even thinking any provocative thoughts, until it's far too late, and the moment's passed, or whatever.

It's a whole different kettle of fish, typing into an IRC client or a text editor like this, though. Here, there's more thinking time, and furthermore the part of my brain that deals with this type of thing doesn't think it's actually talking to a real person, so I can type stuff I might never say out loud...

Well, I know this makes like no sense to you, you're just like "just say it!" but it's true, my head really was empty of anything even remotely likely to be offensive. That's just the way I am:-)

PS You bloody weren't with me for longer.