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Random H4X0R4G3!!!1

Yeah so Nelis is experimenting with PHP on Rutherford's Web server (damn that was a lot of "a href"s) and sends a mail round the triv tech list on about file permissions so I write a load of gumph, in particular about world-writable (chmod o+w) directories. So I'm idly thinking about this later on and I remember about the sticky bit so I wrote another mail about it, and to illustrate why you should set this bit for o+w directories I 1337ly h4><0r3d his little experiment just for a laugh, and because I'm quite horrible sometimes, well often, and I can see myself getting shouted at about this one.

PS By the time you read this it's probably been fixed or deleted and my account at triv has probably been disabled or deleted, and if so you won't be reading this page because it too will have gone.

Please gods I hope this gets taken as a joke

BLOG WARS!! (oh, and some crap about birthdays.)

Heh, okay so I'm a dickhead! I think I know why, but why not take the opportunity to enlighten all your other readers? (writes RjY, thinking "yeah! blatant flamebait!") It'll give you something to fill your apparent need to update your site five times a day:-p (RjY continues to write, as further flamebait if in the unlikely event the previous didn't work)

I'll be damned if I can remember your birthday though, the first date in August that springs to mind as a special anniversary for someone who isn't me, is the 4th, and that's more to do with Bex... (not her birthday by the way, as the ENTIRE WORLD knows that is the 21st of February) Maybe Danny's birthday on the, um... the 8th? I dunno... Like anyone should care about and celebrate the fact that they're a year nearer to their inevitable gruesome demise is beyond me. Oh well.