24/09/2002 @19:47:59 ^21:02:37

Audience figures slipping!!

Yo Rob,

I'm very sorry but I'm a convert to Pete's blog. It has polls and pictures and stuff, and yours is always about computers.

I need a new webshite, then maybe I could have a blog!


It's not surprising really. Pete has polls and pictures and stuff, not to mention the message board thing, including posts by some hot broad possibly from Alabama, and so on. Most importantly, it's updated like three or four times a day, while Pete avoids doing work (scroll right to the bottom)

I post like once, every three or four days. About computers.

Pete has networked. He's got links to his site up on other people's site's front pages. Pete's is much more like a "real" blog. It's a wonder he hasn't got a webcam.

I made this site because of these reasons:

  1. Having been offered the hosting by Simon I felt obliged to put some new content here (once again, many thanks for the service, especially since it's free:) )
  2. I'd seen a bunch of sites like these and liked the idea
  3. Excuse to redesign and use the graphics I'd spent ages making in the summer of 2000
  4. If I did this I wouldn't have to spend ages on New Year's Eve making another Review of the Year out of my real diary, I'd just have this site instead.

Basically I intended this as a place for stuff that I felt was shareable. It's turned out differently than I wanted it to. I wanted to put up recordings of anARCHy's music, but we all know what happened there. Then there was those unpleasant times when I found it therapeutic to post my actual thoughts. However, the reams of angry and upset emails I received nearly made me drop the whole site. (You have to pretend you're fine all the time, so anyone who pretends they care about you doesn't have to put in any effort. It's all about image, about facades, and, most importantly, acting so that no one else has to feel bad. But I digress)

I'll finish this up by saying, Bex, I thank you for taking the time to write to me, but... I'm not going to call you insensitive because that would be very incredibly hypocritical of me, but... What did you think you were trying to achieve by telling me this?