01/09/2002 @23:56:14 ^00:24:03

Damnit, it's September already! What's with time passing so damn quickly?!

Today, Felix (who'd earlier said he was going to be really bored this weekend) made a spirited attempt to write the google groups script thing himself, and sent me preliminary results:) Trouble is I'd already written the bits he'd done with a perl module called LWP, but my version just called wget and captured its output, but I hadn't the heart to tell him and discourage him;)

Pete, who is still updating his site far more than I am, has linked to me again and is preparing himself for five emails from people expressing awe and gratitude at their respective sites' hit counters going through the roof. He'd linked to five other people's sites with a line about what they'd been up to. Made me look really boring... OH WAIT I AM BORING scratch that. Well I'm not going to send an email (I don't even have a hit counter...) so I'll just make an enourmous link instead. THANKS FOR ALL THE TRAFFIC PETE!!! (It seems to be a day for huge multilined links, see below... I also wish I could claim I'm that Greg Field, but sadly it would be a lie)

A random visit to the 2002 A Doom Odyssey page tells me that they've finished the rerelease, so yay for random site visiting (instead of like last time when I heard about it on Doomworld's forums and went running over, thinking "damndamndamn I'm supposed to have been keeping an eye on this") However I don't like the fact that it has ZDoom-only secret levels. E5M1 my backside.