18/11/2002-19/11/2002 @01:22:44 ^02:32:14

Before I start here's some links: Pete has a new domain name and Amy has her site back up including her .misc archives. I asked if they could be moved to the aaw site but she said no because they're misc archives not aaw ones. aaw is on Google. My suggestion: nuke the almost completely empty aaw archive page and replace it with this link and this link?

The Broadband Dilemma!

I got another complaint that I don't update enough, well, gentle prod, really, you know, no-one actually bitches at me if I don't update, uh, digression, anyway, no-one likes stream of consciousness style writing, it's hard to follow, I'll start again.

Now most of you know about my situation, being a long-term jobless worthless feckless hapless listless {grep '^.*less$' /usr/share/dict/words}less bum (heh but I am teh funnay!) Perhaps you might also remember I've had this stupid evenings-and-weekends-only dialup connection for a whole year too, so, basically, my internet connection is going to expire on Friday.

So I was talking to my mum the other day about this. She turns round to me and she goes "well, since I'll get the phone back, and it'll solve the evenings-only problem and so you might start sleeping properly, I'll get you broadband for Christmas. Of course you'll have to sort it out and set it up because I don't know how to"

So I have this dilemma. I so very very don't deserve this. But I want it anyway... Will the extra guilt finally force me to actually phone up the number in one of these dumb job adverts I see in the paper every so often..? Can I justify this? Should I try? What do you think I should do?

PS I tried to get some opinions on this in #warwick the other day but no one said "you should get it" or "no you shouldn't get it", people just ranted at me about how I should get a job. Yes, how about a nice cup of shut the fuck up, don't you think I know that... So anyway I posted it here instead in the hope that I'll get some "yes" or "no"s because this needs resolving pretty quickly, you know?

Quotage, again

In order to fill up space, and so I can use my script (which, given html2text (deb) can also can be used for newsgroup posts, heh) have some more quotes.

Hilariously bad timing!

Most people have seen this already, I've been copying it around quite a lot, but still.

16/11 02:07 - 16/11 02:08
       <RjY> oh boo hoo :P
       <RjY> get vince to come back on irc
       <RjY> i'm sure he'd stay up talking to you
       <RjY> and simon's never here any more, so that's that problem solved
 <Amyvector> true
 <Amyvector> but he comes on occasionally
 <Amyvector> besides, i can't talk to vinni, he's my boyfriend!
       <RjY> not in this channel as far as i know
       <RjY> WHAT?
 <Amyvector> what what?
         --- RjY has changed the topic to: <Amyvector> besides, i can't talk to
             vinni, he's my boyfriend!
         --> Vincent (~vincent.l@pc1-cove1-4-cust147.bir.cable.ntl.com) has joined

Op wars!

Yeah, at last, everyone can get ops now!! Well, those of us who are in there a lot can, anyway. I had kept on complaining because everyone on the access list is never there, doesn't know the commands, etc. Now we can fuck about with the topic, and kick each other for no reason!

17/11 20:49 - 17/11 20:52
      <RjY> oh that's boring
      <RjY> what's the fun of everyone having ops if we can't spend half an hour
            kicking each other
        --- bisc gives channel operator status to Peter
        --- You have been kicked from #warwick by Peter (RjY)
        --> RjY (rjy@bts-0776.dialup.zetnet.co.uk) has joined #warwick
        --- Topic for #warwick is University of Warwick, UK
        --- Topic for #warwick set by irc.astrolink.org at Sat Nov 16 20:41:52
      <RjY> wooo
    <Peter> indeed
      <RjY> party zone
 >ChanServ< kick #warwick peter lol
        <-- ChanServ has kicked Peter from #warwick ((RjY) lol)
 -ChanServ- operation successfully completed
        --> Peter (~mavit@pc-80-195-84-37-du.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined
      <RjY> don't need to get ops to do it :)

If you'd like to be added to the list of people who can get ops so you can join in this kind of crap, just ask the next time you're there. Since everyone in #warwick knows each other in real life already then I can't see anyone getting too pissed off. Personally, I will try not to kick anyone who either can't fight back because they haven't been added, or is known to lack enough of the right kind of sense of humour to take it the right way.

Well. I'll try to try...